The Common Denominator Of Existence Is Loss

50,000-year-old extinct cave bear paws,
human hand bones, stretched and pulled
around audiotape of the earliest audio recording of time,
moving, shaking, shucking, jiving...

We are all losers
and that is the biggest win,
especially when looking within;
everybody holds
onto to somebody.

Everyone—nĂ© everything—on earth
has lost something, whether physical or emotional or other,
and therefore we are all dealing with that loss,
whether we are dealing with it internally, externally,
inwardly, outwardly, heroically, lawlessly, etc forever. 

We are all losers,
because we are all givers;
we give our gifts of time and love
wherever we go, whatever we do;
we give energy to everything from the sun
to working to reading a book, pets, kids, etc forever.

The cow (or almond tree) gives its milk
to calves, cereal, lattes, babies, the sewer.
The friend gives time and energy and love
to other friends, cyclically circling back around,
while we give our hearts to accept it. 

Where and how do you give?
What and how are you losing?
More than a game of tug of war,
this is a chess match of where
to invest our loss so make your move
wisely but without regret.