u been living in my heart rent free

How you livin'? (Real shit)
I heard you got more room, no roofs, no ceilings (ooh, shit)
You needed space to grow, now you have no limits
And I don't even think I been the same since you went missin'...

- "Rent Free" by 6LACK

My head is a fricken radio,
tuned to time travel, tuned to tick for you,
and I wish more than anything
I could turn it off, hit snooze.

Songs are flying in sunshine,
simply because I once knew you;
old playlists paint pictures
I could only dream of dreaming.

I've been wooing and winning women,
but none of which are what I want,
and I have been trying to forget you,
but it's not been working. 

I think of you every time I shave my face 
but I don't shave,
and whenever I go out on the town in the evening, 
but I don't go out ever.

Yet still, the sensible people will tell you to wait, dear,
but ah! in the wasting of Love’s young years,
on our innocent hearts we’re committing a chate,
and I say I will pretend until the day my fate expires.

So, come, come, live in my heart,
live in my heart and pay no rent, 
come, come, live in my heart,
live in my heart, Kendra Jean!

Cuz I am making peace with the future,
saying welp, I guess I'll be writing and pining
about the long lost love of my life for the rest of said life,
despite new loves and milestones...and that's fine by me.