Sk8er Boi Summer

I would love to be reading
your blog while skateboarding
along Venice Beach
right about now,
but alas I cannot,
and that in itself is poetic. 

I wonder if you still 
have that shirt I "left"
at your apartment
almost two years ago?
Doubt it. 

I am told this summer
is mine for the taking,
and while part of me
is hesitant to believe 
toxic motivation,
a bigger part of me
is confident in its deserving. 

I must move the plot forward,
wash my new tattoo
with Irish Spring,
and kick the two week cookie binge
for keto and a cut stomach
once again. 

I will work on updating
my S-corp to an LLC,
and I've never owned a pair
of Converse, so I decide
to remedy that funky fact,
and get cool color laces.

I guess moving on
can be whatever 
we want it to me,
and my moving on
is skating to Abbot Kinney
for a matcha and a new muse.