Muscle Memory?

the smell and feel of the day,
the soundtrack,
certain days you just wake up
and feel like you are living
in a different version of your life. 

today tastes like 2008 (or 2018),
but only for a moment,
when I am walking to get coffee,
because when I come out
it doesn't feel that way anymore.

that fleeting feeling
is time travel incarnate,
like de ja vu
that you can sense yourself
walking into (and out of).

I try to keep that feeling,
turning on tunes
I used to listen to 
when I was young 
and oh so dumb. 

it's as if nostalgia
is splashed in your face
to wake you up,
a combo of something someone said
or some dream you had. 

for me, it is the way
the sun shines at specific angles,
mostly mornings and dusk,
reminding me of love and lust,
and I wonder if anyone else feels this unnamed feeling?