I don't know what to call it

NYC vignettes dance in my heart
and I can't help but to compare
New York City and Los Angeles
especially while chatting up 
a fine gone girl who swears
that I am wrong in my conviction
that it is unfair to compare the two
and she may be right
but NYC is definitely better
and it is not even close
but she swears she will prove it to me
only to drop the ball in two hours
by being basic and not getting my jokes
and just being aloof in night plans
unlike the women of New York
who are strong and direct in desire and destiny
so I am left missing a place and a person
that represents that place
because every place in our beating hearts
is represented by a person
an inside joke or a certain song
a specific smell or a corner cafe
something we save in sacred safety
and we will defend it against tyranny
of being wrong in your opinions
especially when it comes to the ease
and cool of NYC vs the chill and confusion
of LA to a woman who moved from Arizona.