whispering escapades on the D train.
back in Brooklyn for a spell.
until it's back to Florida for a hell.

back east as we call it. 
maybe the mail never arrived.
keep some mystery alive. 

every song is a vengeance.
I imagine every way again I'd lose you.
because monsters must tell stories, too. 

I want softness and slowness.
hearing a heart sigh in sleep. 
someone to keep me and me someone to keep.

with all the love you doubt I have.
I'd rather you come to the show in July.
than blow up the world with disbelief in my eye. 

I am afraid to be myself.
I've spent the first 40 years of my life. 
trying to figure out who I am. 

I do my best dreaming when I am awake.
I do my best work when I am dead.
starving my distractions. 

how come the best chapters in life read the fastest?
now I am just editing my first novel.
with a shovel.