Memorial Day 2022

are you in New York
with your new boyfriend
or are you back home
in Kentucky with Dale and Pat?

I am lost in Los Angeles,
ever so tempted
to call you and tell you
how much I miss you. 

an unanswered voicemail
wouldn't change a thing
so I choose not to
and just write a dumb meta poem. 

there is another gorgeous girl
named Lauren Grace
whom if it weren't for you
would probably love me, too. 

she reads these poems
in a field of deer,
and I am just hunting
for a forever Autumn witch. 

so while lonesome in LA
on a weird American day,
I read in silence,
writing loud thoughts in my head. 

I remember making you laugh
was like the greatest thing,
maybe the thing I miss the most
in this wild anti-saga of loss. 

and you should see the poems
I don't post here,
because, devils, they are gonna make
a damn good book on a different kind of Memorial Day.