Gower Gulch

the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Gower Street,
is where the hipster cowboys hang out, hoping to get work;
already dressed in their Stetson hats, boots, and bandanas,
ready for the saloon, balloon scenes, the time travel epoch.

rustling my Brooklyn ego in Hollywood;
the Columbia Drug Store, which stood on the southeast corner,
is where the casting agents call to reach them all the time,
and I watch from across the street.

we are all in marching bands, saviors of the broken,
on the side of a vintage western medicine show;
according to one of the characters
"only 4 minutes from Vine Street."

where struggling actors and musicians live in caravans
and cottages cobbled together from movie set remains
and gather around an old house, an old hope,
as the Hollywoodland sign blinks in the background on its distant hill.