Tossin' White Castle Burgers and Daydreaming in Louisville Last Evening

in town for work once again,
redefining what this place means to me.
went to see Hamilton Leithauser
singing about me dreaming about her
at Headliners Music Hall. 

as I sway to the temporal temptations,
I tell myself I could live here.
I preach to myself, after the snow,
that the city's central location
could be a good hub for life and work. 

after the show,
scarfing White Castle burgers,
and tossing some to some people
I've met who don't know my past,
I make a memory of a smile.

it would be insanely ironic
if I moved here,
and started a life,
maybe running into her in the middle,
in Clifton or Highlands.

daydreams happen at night, too,
and tomorrow I will look at the prices 
of apartments just for the hell of it. 
I already have a job here,
and nothing to lose.