I Wrote A Steak and Grilled A Poem

For Nikki, I kumquat you!

Flowers die like you and I,
morrow vs marrow,
drive the coat, 
wear the car.

I wrote a steak
and grilled a poem,
added sauce to both,
ate one with peppercorn brandy. 

Perspective comes in handy
when a boxer 
is at the end of his career,
east of the web.

For those who ride the night winds,
from Wyoming, Ohio
to Ohio, Wyoming, 
we have seen and chosen life.

However backwards it may be,
cracking coffee and drinking knuckles,
our fortune is not work but wanted smiles
throughout traveling time. 

After life, I will love death,
but not as much.
After loving you, I will love others,
but not as much.