A House Full of Hallways

Part One: It's All Just a Dream

I am just a poet on the midnight L train
with a Jamaican beef patty in my hand,
yearning for death or something similar 
like love. 

On glory's course, 
we come across guts
spilled in circumstantial choice,
aka fake fate. 

Part Two: Culprit

I think I was a pick-pocket
in another life.

The love of my life
is just a brat
with a praise kink. 

We are all racing 
when we walk to the street,

Part Three: Careful Scary

If you never say hello,
you never have to say goodbye.

I am done trying;
let me tell you about heartache
and the loss of God. 

I am not where I wanna be
in my life,
but I am not where I was. 

Part Four: Efficacious  

Walking around Metropolitan Avenue,
big news,
my bodega guy promoted me
from "boss" to "brother".