Tump (Butter my butt and call me a biscuit!)

2 years ago, 
I was in Kentucky,
and I am about to be
there again soon,
which makes me nervous. 

Not because of dining
and dashing over the river
in Indiana,
but because there is a small (teeny tiny) possibility
and a giant fear
that I could run into her, her

It won't happen,
but if it did,
I wouldn't know what to do,
frozen instead of free,
which is what I would wish
to be. 

Hell, while we are on wishes,
I wish I didn't
think, write, love
her still;
it's not good for me
or my future 
(or my now). 

I'll go back to Con Huevos,
spill coffee and day dream,
wondering what the alternate universe is like.