I Have Never Seen The Sound of Music

What can I say,
growing up in my household
musicals weren't on our radar.

This was the late 80s, early 90s,
and my home life wasn't the best,
so I couldn't wrap my head 
around a pretty babysitter
randomly belting out songs
while she tended to Austrian brats.

Same goes for The Great Gatsby;
it just didn't hit my heart.
The sentences are wonderful,
but the sum of its parts
were rich people and rich people's problems. 

A dirt poor kid
growing up too fast
in the white ghetto,
all I wanted was 
to go to a friend's house
who had cable
so we could watch music videos. 

Post script, 
when I was in college
I typed out The Great Gatsby
in its entirety 
just to get a feel for the cadence
of the writing,
so maybe I should watch The Sound of Music now.