FOMO Homework

Serve the servants.
Train the trainers. 
Listen but don’t miss out. 
Life lassos you online. 

Time teases dreams.
Days drink minutes.
Moments are more.
Than making magnet plans. 

Follow the fuck-ups.
To the funeral parlor. 
Help the hippies with herpes.
Halt and catch up or catch fire. 

Retain your own rain. 
It’s all water, waiting. 
Put out the pug rug flames. 
Every doberman has its day.

Write your want.
Visualize your voice. 
Allow alliteration.
To ask the dust. 

Much madness is made.
When cents are spent. 
Many senses are stark.
When left in the dark. 

Put the phone. 
In front of the window.
Jump through the screen. 
Be seen. 

While the world waits. 
Fit your freedom. 
Because classes can’t teach. 
How fletching flavors taste.