Dermatologist Date

years ago I had skin cancer
removed from my nose,
and now I go to the dermatologist
every year to make sure
that sucker does not come back.

having lived in Florida for a spell,
it is a necessity that I get extra inspected,
but the clinker is my dermatologist
is super hot and I am required to get down
to my black Calvin Kleins.

I don't know how to spell Necessary,
but in this situation, I feel like a little boy,
praying I don't get a boner,
but secretly wondering 
what would happen if I did.

she comes in, checks my nose,
checks my back,
raises the leg on my Calvin boxer briefs
to check the thing high on my inner thigh,
then says goodbye, that's it. 

she is wearing those hot Nike heel clogs,
and looks like she is heading out on the town
right after this noon appointment,
and I try to make a joke,
to which she winks, and that's it, see ya next year, doc.