32 Thoughts on 14 Mornings

mostly solid, mostly of this earth, mostly whole.

It’s a goofy, loving, often uncooperative, 
mess of a brain in a goofy, loving, messy, 
still-figuring-a-lot-of-really-elementary-stuff-out person 
that I mostly don’t mind being.

Text Edit docs litter my computer.

What a stunning thing, 
to wake up every day with your brain trying to kill you, 
and still do a podcast interview;
still try to pitch something;
still write something up;
still still still keep trying.

the brevity of a city and a place,
wherever you are, whatever city you're in, 
for most of us, we don't really have any ownership over it. 
They just kind of change and you kind of have to say goodbye.

social anxiety isn't just being shy,
because I am the least shy person I know
and I am riddled with it,
which is beautiful, fine, and okay.

to oxford comma or not.

poems are just weird ideas
people forget to keep to themselves.

my poetry sucks these days,
because life is good. 

do you mean to tell me
that if I don't go big,
I may get to go home?

I truly believe a good percentage of people 
don't care who they marry
as long as they get a day
and they get married by a certain age. 
you'll see a gorgeous, talented, perfect woman
marrying a random guy named Marth
whose favorite thing is Fast & Furious. 

the children of the poor 
are not the most secure 
people in the world. 

Is that the laundry machine,
or my beating heart?

Are you saying golden red,
or gold and red?

"You've never seen death? 
Look in the mirror every day 
and you will see it like bees 
working in a glass hive."
   - Jean Cocteau

I want to date a musician.

Someone hacked my PayPal.

If I don't pick up in the morning, love, 
it's because I am faxing the kids to the pool.
That's how the saying goes, right?
Down at the Kinko's.

I have grown allergic to watching people struggle. 

Do you delete dead people
from your contacts?