I see you're in Louisville.
I'll be there in January for work.

Maybe, one day, you'll tell me
why you're sitting in your parents'
(Hello Dale and Pat) house, just
reading my stupid blog?

are you alone? nostalgic? 
I get it, I really do.
the holidays and loneliness are like that,
but for all I know you've brought
your new boy back home.

if you're reading this right now,
you should pick up the phone and call me.

I probably won't pick up at first,
but I will call back once I've collected myself,
and I will attempt to act all cool,
like I am not freaking out,
but then again I'd be blocked still.

Hope none of your loved ones
were affected by tornadoes,
and remember each poem
is the last one I will ever write about you (LOL).

Of course, I'll try to make you laugh.
That, and Harrison Ford is all I got.