I have a reservation credit extension
from Spirit Airlines that I didn't know about,
so looks like I'm flying to NYC for my birthday,
and then using the rest for LA next summer. 

What a nice surprise, and now I can eat streetmeat
on the stoop for my birthday and be happy,
while also planning a big book release party
for next year when the novel comes out. 

This gives me the good kind of anxiety,
like a job interview you didn't expect to get
and now you really want it,
even though you didn't think it was possible.

Saudade I didn't know I needed,
but now I can't shake the excitement,
and I love looking forward to something,
but I hate getting my hopes up.

I already know what I'm going to wear,
and I already know what I am going to ignore,
from Union Square to Venice Beach,
a carry-on, no baggage, but a bunch of baggage.