Everything is Under...Sticky Things

I sing through the store,
Sign language to passers by
That stuff in life
Is looking up
And that they need not worry
About me and my cart
Full of bologna.

In the parking lot
I step in gum but
Shrug it off and
Keep dancing
Behind Buicks
And pick-ups
Picking up Dimes with my gumshoe.

Speaking of dimes,
I meet a dame
By the name
Of Lindsey,
I tell her I am a detective
And she takes me
Home with her.

We have sex
In the kitchen
While putting away
Her groceries –
Rice Krispies, cheese,
Romaine, White Claws –
Until her husband comes home.

Sneaking out
The back door,
I step on a dead dog
That comes alive
And eats my ankle
But I keep smiling
Because it’s May and I’ll be ok.

I am back in business,
Moving and shaking,
Shucking and jiving,
Living loud on the horse
For all the world
To endure,
Because life is gooey.