Today I Woke Up

juiced some celery
and watched SportsCenter,
took a shit
and read The NY Times. 

wrote some poems
and listened to Yabby You,
wrote some copy
for dull work.

shot the shit
with my neighbor, Josh,
talked tacos and technology,
gave him pork belly for his birthday.

and worked on the novel,
sent Enid the cover idea
and offered to pay her. 

texted Abby
about Reese's Pieces
and the podcast,
got caught on the History Channel.

confirmed my appointment
at the DMV,
ordered from Whole Foods
and changed my shirt.

thought about 
the afternoon,
and her
after checking Google Analytics. 

checked her blog,
still blocked,
and it's just muscle
memory now. 

threw away the socks
with holes in them,
counted blessings
and danced in the kitchen for no reason.