Because (For Enid)

C’mon! You’re better than that.
Just because he is attractive,
doesn’t make it worth it.
The narcissism alone is as dense as fog
In a forgotten Vietnamese jungle. 

Bad Lip-syncing Can’t Touch My Titties,
Because the man in the mirror 
Is devoid of talent, but filled with ego,
And we all know that your ego
Is not your amigo. 

My entire life, I’ve seen women fall
For assholes or idiots, just because
They're confident or own a Honda filled
With subwoofers playing Bone, Thugs,
But that doesn’t make them interesting,
And Tik Tok is the new little-dick-look-at-me.

I bet he still quotes movies like Old School,
And brags about being good at Beer Pong.
He isn’t a dumb dumb because of these things,
But he is unoriginal and there is nothing worse
In this wide world than unoriginality,
Just ask Deb what she said. 

Clarity is like hunger-
Once you lose control of it, 
it comes and goes as it pleases,
So please, forever friend,
Do your best to not date a douchebag,
Because you’re better than bad lip-syncing,
And he should never have the pleasure
Of touching your busen.