Help Me (Think of a Name for This Poem)

I am happy to be here.
in the last two weeks,
even though I have been in and out of two hospitals
and one jail cell, technically, 
but what I miss the most is love of my pugilists poets...

love is interrupted by love
and digging deep down into yourself
to let your story go to die and their's live,
maybe forever, even longer than our eye lashes,
because side poems are often more important than main poems. 

same goes for love and friends;
think about which lovers are easy and which are important;
the very curses are the same with friendships;
which is easiest and earnest,
those ever-lasting, based on beer when 28 and tea when 38. 
no matter the year, fear is foists.

and while I am happy to be here,
I have to disappear for a spell
to fix some things internal and external,
as well as legal, but that story is for another day,
so don't get in my way because I am determined
to do whatever it takes for my daughter.