Paradigm of Sad Admiration

I stole some Splenda from the coffee shop,
because I have coffee at home, but I am out of sweetener,
and I am trying to destroy a morning headache
that feels like a hangover, but I didn't drink last night,
so it could be the result of inhaling spray paint fumes.

The post office isn't open yet, and I need media stamps
to send her a new shirt to make up for the last shirt,
so I just look like a psycho reading a book sitting
on the back of my truck in the parking lot, swatting
at morning gnats who love my eyes more than she does.

Walking around the alley and looking for treasures along hobo trails,
wasting time before the day wastes me, I am a character of anything
waiting, and hankering love leaves me for the weekend, while
smiles come in many shapes, sometimes upside down,
rarer still than longing, our sorrows repeated.