Homes & Graves in LA

Mexican dude landscaping a cemetery,
side-eyeing us snap photos for the Gram.

Clueless realtor letting us tour
Andy Samberg's old house at 11.

Doc Martens and Diet Coke
on Chris Cornell's resting place.

Where Silent Bob goes hiking,
looking for coyotes to save. 

Daniel's home in Highland Park,
cottonmouth and nothing to drink. 

Outdoor Christian Dior fashion show,
watching Franco crash and burn. 

Brooks' apartment in Silver Lake
by the Music Box stairs. 

Los Feliz where I think I see her
down the aisle from stolen books.

A small, broken patch of concrete on Cosmo Street,
sidewalk art remnant of Theo Bikel's nightclub. 

I don't think tan can be tan without green, 
Mark says, next to my beach-buried fear.