The Failure of Descartes' Epistemological Enterprise

my personal experiences 
are private and ineffable, 
her experience can be known 
only by analogy.
  • My most certain knowledge is the content of my own mind—my thoughts, experiences, affects, etc.
  • There is no conceptual or logically necessary link between mental and physical—between, for example, the occurrence of certain conscious experience or mental states and the "possession" and behavioral dispositions of a "body" of a particular kind.
  • My given experience is necessarily private to me.
arguments against materialism
in favor of idealism
provide my solipsist heart
with a number of arguments, 
but one persists:

the "true" nature of the world—
whether it is some ethereal plane of ideas
or a reality of atomic particles and energy—
should be just about love...and nothing else.