December Heat

Back in the swampy bowels of South Florida,
I am reminded why I hate this place:
it is sweltering hot and no one acknowledges it. 

Everyone walks around like this is nice and normal. 
It's December!
Sure, they'll mention the snow in New York,
but gimme snow over sweating anydamnday. 

The yentas all comment on my jeans,
as if removing the one layer would somehow
make it 50 degrees out. 

Climate change is real.
The earth is dying. 
It's starting with Florida,
and I hope it's under water soon. 

Maybe, I'll go to the beach,
hell, why not? 
The ocean is boiling. 

All I can do is pray,
and program my kid 
to go to college in the North East,
maybe to Smith like Sylvia Plath.