"What Are Your Poems About?"

Asked who the poem is about, 
I shake my head and say, 

“It’s about her, man. 
Every song is a piece of her. 
The Eternal Feminine, as Goethe put it. 
Put all the poems together 
and they just add up to an incomplete 
mosaic of the muse.” 

I pause for effect.
“And what is a ‘muse’-ician… 
If not the person who translates 
the magic of a muse into music, 
almost like a mathematician of the soul?”

(Asked the same question, 
Russell shrugs distantly: 
“A girl Ryan knows.
Ask him.")

“I lost all my faith in the holy myth,
while the one I was lovin’ 
loved the one she was with.”
I say before braving the beyond. 

Don't ever ask a poem
what his poems are about.