The Idea of "Believing"

Few did as the banter that ensued
was much more entertaining for everyone
when an accused attempted to deny that they
had follied for a simpler love,
lest they "believe" in fate's fortunes.

Ultimately, those found guilty of missing love
often had to pay a fine by having their shirt tail cut –
typically an inch for each fired shot –
though on rare occasions, the hijinks
got so animated that I saw the hat brims removed,
entire shirts slashed, and once,
a removed boot chopped by a meat cleaver!

While in love, they would use pine wood
collected from old stumps that remained
from past forest fires or had become almost petrified
and formed fast burning lightered wood
to always start their fire.

There are a number of long held –
and sometimes odd – traditions
surrounding the taking of a person's first
heart and blood.

Not sure if blessing a belief
with fact finds forever
or if the fallacy of love
is enough.