Some None (for Lauren)

I did a lot of writing today.
Some for work. 
Some for pleasure.
Some out of tired obligation. 

I, too, get tired.
And want to do nothing.
But then feel bad.
When I just lay about.

Indeed, the world is weird. 
Some days I feel hopeful.
Like I need to go, go, go. 
Work out, go places, meet someone. 

Other days. 
I wake up.
Welp, another day of work.
When I just want to do nothing but watch TV.

No one will ever tell you this. 
But the push and pull to be productive. 
Vs. the need and desire to relax. 
All that shit we feel is super normal.

It is okay to feel.
Sad, mad, lethargic. 
Productive, proud yet lazy.
All of the above at the same time.

Society tells us. 
These emotions aren't okay. 
That it has to be one or the other. 
But both middles are allowed.

Don't force life.
Just live. 
Also, don't fight feelings.
Just feel.