tell everyone on this rumbler I love them

the band played a country cover
of Hall & Oates' I Can't Go For That,
while I danced with a divorcee.

our heels kicked
the sticky floor
and our lips whispered smiles. 

the early door was open,
and the breeze blew over
all the beers on the bar.

a black cat came crashing
out of the kitchen,
scarring all the African-American children. 

then a dog followed through,
just like a cartoon,
I swear it. 

come Sunday,
the preacher will have to hear this,
because no one else will believe. 

there are fish in the sea,
but I let her be,
because she was better than me.

I tried to tell the folks 
on the subway,
but they clutched their shoes. 

sometimes you gotta
except the blues 
and just go dancing with a stranger. 

just as night replaces night,
tomorrow I will tip-toe to the ocean
and go fishing again.