Murdered in Milwaukee

Went there to take care of some things
and got harassed by a geriatric lady named Jean.
She wouldn’t stop propositioning me,
which made me think that if the roles were reversed
it would be publicized assault.

To my protest, my sister invited her to dinner,
saying she felt bad for the old broad,
but I don’t think she got the severity of the situation.
Jean played footsy with me, her cankles
on my calves as I pretended not to notice,
just ate my chicken in silence.

After their coffee, and after my tea,
she followed me back to the hotel,
and I kept thinking, this is how I get murdered,
by a lady in Wisconsin that could be my grandma.
Finally, I had to be honest with her.
So, I told her I was gay.

The next day, she found me 
necking with her granddaughter 
in the back of a Burger King,
and she dropped dead.
Love murders many.