in the dark, at the top of the stairs

It’s not yet a dawn chorus
And I am daffy down
And frightened up
While collecting garbage
For the whole house,
All the whole while
I have my own musings
And borrowed anxiety
To help shape my happiness.

I will be my own noble novel,
Read in my own loud silence,
Giving the morning more
Than the afternoon takes away,
Thus avoiding the protests of face
And time in the early evil evening
When teeth become knives,
And a certain her regrets
A certain me for things I can’t fix.

Safe on the edge of everything,
The weight of my heart pulling me
Ever towards the little light
Under the door, above the floor,
I am careless but when has life
Cared about me and my toes over
The wood, where seconds taste
As if forever is choking me.

A candle and a cup of coffee,
My mouth breathing beats me
There before I can catch a glimpse
Of myself falling for eyes like hammers
That build but also break,
And laughter that leaves me
Wanting more like a drug that explores
My inner hard workings like nothing
Ever has or ever will...