The beautiful hipster girl with the blue hair who works in the Apple store in the mall in Boca Raton

Her maybe-camo pants 
and her flowery disposition
topped my bear.

Her blue hair
and her compliment of my T-shirt
made me blow up the mall
with racecar enthusiasm,
tour the round.

It’s been a while since
a beautiful gal
gave me a smile,
a nod and words.

I found her on the Instagram
an hour later,
fell in love more
in the parking lot of a T.

From the ankle
to the smile,
the choice in music
and the jokes,
it all fit in the package
that used to kick my heart.

But I am different these days
and I don’t chase
and I don’t dare anymore,
especially on gorgeous girls with freckles.

I thought about going back in
and straight up telling her she is stunning,
but then I remembered my age
and how ugly I am
and thought better of being that kind of creep.

So now, days later, 
I am just the creep who follows her on Instagram
and apparently writes poem
about her freckled smile.

Oh well,
getting old is gross, 
and losing confidence makes
me want to punch myself in the dick.

She followed me back on Instagram;
I hope she doesn’t read this!
Bit I edited it for her.