a little bit of lightning and delayed thunder

I could see it coming.
just like the storm crackling in the distance.
it's okay, I am the horizon.
always have been.

when the sky opened up.
she counted.
the strike was close.
3 miles [away] from my heart.

dive bar mentality.
and a lifetime of letdowns.
prepare a poet for turning laughter into weather.
and quick recovery.

after all, there was nothing much.
but a false flood and a sun shower.
it's okay, I am the horizon.
heading west with the day, anyway.

it would've been nice, though.
to stand still, karate chop the raindrops.
coming off the awning.
while she pointed too long at Led Zeppelin.

my unrealistic shit.
has caught up with my age.
it's okay, I am the delayed thunder.
and they will always be a little bit of lightning.