From Trucks to Publix

holy shit, I found the song.
been searching for it for so long.
only known lyrics and smell.
finally found it with Larry's help.

it's a little more country.
than I am used to.
but it is a fun drinking song.
and makes me want to go back to Florida.

no big deal on the back of the buggy.
the sunrises and there are pine needle excuses to drink.
that's about the time the rooster crows.
and women make the creek weak.

it's been a hell of a year.
and we are not even half way through.
illness will see you on the other side.
and I lied.

so many tunes.
see so many things from speakers, ours.
from grocery stores to ghettos.
we make it work and listen.

don't hate how I live.
I drink you away.
till I drown.
I love my heart, but I hate my place.

sing me down the street.
hum me away.
as I go, as I stray.
it's okay.