New York, Amused

the worlds of comedy, design, and poetry
collide in a now-daily disturbing testament
on my new stoop as friends and fellow fuck-ups gather in wake.

all eating Spaghetti-Os
and drinking beer this day,
because that's all I had in the new place.

Bobby the screenprinter shows up
with his partner and a bag of blow,
thus ruining the afternoon and that evening's stand-up sets.

we all laugh at Liz
who is flashing her tits at Manhattan,
spilling beer in movie quote nonsense.

what else is new,
the blonde hack asks me.
nada, I say (but everything).

it's funny what we choose to say,
even to friends in a friendly environ,
and then I remind myself to write all this down. 

I'm amazed some of us are still alive,
but it's good to be back
in something new, it's good to be back.