Wheat Thin

LA Law made the electronic intro,
saying she is a new poet on the bill,
saying she is gangster with the verse,
but that she needed guidance.

I am full of guidance these days.
Five years ago, not so much.
I would've spit, shit, and tried to fuck her.
But I am a different dildo these days.

She calls a month later,
we talk,
and I can tell the kid has confidence.
In poetry, this is rare, for many reasons.

More often than not,
if you are confident,
it means you are nuts
and write poetry about topical bullshit.

Her only fault was when she mentioned
that she has a damn R.M. Drake tattoo,
but I let it slide because she is 21,
and at least it is poetry, right?

This is like the yankee swap,
and I am worse at being good,
just ask Lauren my partner in publishing,
but with this she may vouch other ways.

I give the kid two assignments
and tell her to go surprise the world,
but not to tell anyone about it.
We shall see. Maybe I can be a mentor.