This is Probably Good Music & Goodbye

Uncapitol Want

yesterday was better than Michigan.
especially standing there;
moody fuckers, us,
waiting in a rain.

only two summers
in one night
I could've ruined your life
but I decided not to anything
but disappear.

Useless in Hell

all I do is reference movies,
write poetry,
fall in love,
use most unfriendly misspelled werds,
in the pages among pages,
before bothering my friends
and getting drunk.

I will be useless in hell
just as Virginia.

I envy the dancing mirror because it gets to see you,
sometimes in dreams;
I am paralyzed by voices and fierce commanding claws.

Ugly Hipster

they say Tampa is the sluttiest city
but I think it's Scottsdale.

I still have the voicemail you left me
on my birthday in 2015,
and if you don't believe me,
just call me.

Undone Wolves

my feet hurt,
but I want to capture things,
like the love of the blog,
and the stupidity of
everything else.

I can't call you tomorrow,
because I am blocked,
but I swear to carry on your memory,
for good or ill,
loud music or sweets.