she had a cat

she had a cat
when she lived in New York City,
technically when she lived
in a yak building in Bushwick.

the cat committed suicide,
jumped out the damn window,
one day when she was busy
at her post-college office job.

apparently, this is why she left,
but can you imagine the horror
of the people on the street
when a kitty smashes into pieces.

one day, you are just walking to the subway
or to work or to meet a loved one,
when a feline falls heavily on the sidewalk
or in the road, between bike riders.

those are the folks
who should flee the city,
not this broad who I met
because we were arguing over the virtue of Florida.

and right when we were screaming
about to come to blows,
we ended up kissing like lust
and making our way up to her place.

we banged four times, a good hate fuck,
because it is hot down here
and I am mad, so the libido cooks
and nothing matters.