One Brick Shy of a Rip Tide

kegging for brand,
writing for substance and safety.

the light was low enough, you guessed.
if you don't move, I swear I'm gonna make ya. 

what's my name?
I can't remember. 

as the colleges are letting out,
all the alien kids are saying the same thing that we used to. 

the piano plays the remember game,
but I don't know the notes.

I ask Dale and Pat about your ears,
you just finally let go of the scissors.

we took out a lot of people with
the sweep of our history.

didn't mean to.
didn't mean you. 

but it happened.
but it recurs. 

time is here
to take this piss out of our sales. 

time is here to leave us alone,
and I already know that I don't know.