If There's Time to Lean, There's Time to Clean (Arby's & Voodoo)

it's weird getting old.
people start dying.
even distant memories.

my friend Justin's
dad passed the other day,
and I've been thinking about him.

he would give me food
when I would pick Justin up
for school my senior year.

and every damn day
that song Voodoo by Godsmack
would play at the same time.

Chris and I worked for Troy Foyil
at Arby's while we were in high school,
and needless to say, we were lazy, laughing kids.

I'll never forget,
he always said to us,
that if there was time to lean, there was time to clean.

at the time,
I thought the man made that saying up
and I thought it was so clever.

I haven't seen him in years,
and I am sorry for my pal,
because getting older sucks.