Girl Waiting for the G Train, Across the Track

I'm on the G train,
heading to Greenpoint
to do some pre-Poetry Fest
reading that I don't give
a shit about.

I'm standing as usual,
as the Rumbler slows at the Nassau Ave stop,
and I turn around, look out the window,
catching electric eyes with a girl on a bench.

She is absolutely stunning,
in green dress, scarf and summer boots
my type of brunette, with angular face
and nice eyes.

Our eyes stay together,
and it is obvious she is looking at me,
my stupid soul through windows of a subway car,
across tracks, through waiting and life.

She stares at me
and I stare back at her
for what seems like an hour and a Friday,
but is really only 48 seconds and 22 short breaths.

Without losing eye contact,
she takes down her scarf,
making decolletage a sign
and me the loneliest, luckiest
man on the goddamn G train as it pulls away.