Sweaty AM Poem Rant

I'm always sweaty in the morning.
Which makes for a greasy Thursday.
Maybe, it's because in 7th grade,
gym at Conway Middle School was 1st period.
First fucking period, start of the day!
Who the hell makes 12/13-year-old
pubescent boys, who refuse to shower after,
run laps and relays at the start of the school day?
Sadists, that's who.
And now, 20+ years later,
I will shower and start my day
only to find myself sweating
in flannel and jeans right away.
Holy shit, where has the time gone?
And then some asshole, will advise
out of turn, that I should wear shorts,
and not a flannel,
like it is going to drop my body temp
ten to twenty degrees and make 
Global Warming not exist. 
I've learned to live with it,
complaining from time to time,
just as I walk into a meeting,
but it still sucks and summer is the worst.