Leftover Always Goddamn

you curious little thing.

good timing,
when I have met someone else,
and I am trying to embark
like a damn dinosaur.

I wonder your motives
and mission
especially when you surprise
me like that
on a rainy Monday
or any day,
when sitting in the newsroom
bored with work.

is it bad
that it made me sublimely
happy and stupid
even thought it hadn't been updated
since February?

I had a dream of hammers and axes,
but I see them not as destruction,
but as tools of building something;
think about it.

that dream morphed into
a very sexy dream of you
in stairwells,
deal with it or don't,
tell me when you touch yourself.

I only get a few days
with your werds
and I want to wake up
happy with them
for a long time,
no matter how updated.