kinda have feelings, kinda have no heart

like when I see a dead bird,
I get a little sad,
but if that bird is a pigeon,
I say good riddance, ya dummy.

like when I meet someone new
that I like, I have a rollercoaster
in my heart of excitement and debilitating fear,
60% of which thinks I will only
get let down. 

like when it rains all day,
I become nostalgic, romantic, eagerly inspired,
but then I just used it as an excuse
to stay inside all day and be unproductive.

like I like being alone,
but lonesomeness is a painful plea,
yet it allows me to write poetry
as a desperately poignant portrayal of American tragedy
mixed with sensitive love.

like maybe disappointment is more satisfying
than fulfillment,
and maybe I am just a walking contradiction,
or just a stupid artist
or a selfish human. 

like the satisfaction of saying who knows
versus the heavy shoulders 
of saying who cares,
I, too, dare to ride my mind
and navigate my undecided heart.