Whatchadoing May 20?

I ask the world that you live in,
because I'll be hosting Ryan Drag's
book release show
at the Red Room which is above
the KGB Bar,
and you would make for a great 7:30pm
surprise in my eyes.

Of course it is on East 4th Street.
It has to be,
I will only read poems
about you,
the dresses you used to wear
and the back of your neck.

So if you hesitate
when you read this,
just use your ego
and mine,
and show up
and stand in the back.
I will still find you
in the darkness
beyond the light.

There is an afterparty at Dorian Gray's
with lots of blow and PBRs and shots of
whiskey-a-go-go, but I will skip it
and the rest of my days
just to have a four-second, awkward eye contact
silent conversation with you.

It has to be in stolen stairwells
and I know this is a desperate attempt
but I don't care.
Be There or Be Square.

Life can be changed and saved.
I am not the man you think I am.
I am the poet I pretend to be.

Another line following
the only glass devils is Daniel
won't be there
and you will read this and probably still not show,
but the truth is I am better
and Kendra Jean,
I still love you.

Even posting this poem takes guts.
Grow your own guts, too.

See ya there.