Toys, Jungle, Toys, Jungle, Chaos, Toys, Love, Jungle, Years, Toys

Earth is formed on page six, 
jellyfish evolve near the end of page seven 
and neanderthals appear almost right at the bottom of the last page, 
just before a circle which represents “The entire history of poetics.”

In actual fact, 
as explained in a footnote, 
this last marker throws the whole scale off 
and it should be drawn as one ten thousandth of an inch.

a remarkably self-deprecating introduction 
to a man many would see as a conceptual moron, 
individualistic provocateur, 
even “the rock star poet” as the biography,

it's alright,
he is me and I am just a stupid, silly
hopeless romantic
who likes to get lost 
in everything he does,
what's the difference?