Texting with Andrew

my friend Andrew texted me this 
this morning. 

What if it turns out that evolution has universal,
natural tendencies and intelligent extraterrestrials
all strongly resemble human beings?

I responded.

I'd believe that more than the octopus-like
things we keep seeing in movies as of late.

Then he said something like.

I liked Arrival. I thought it was very creative, but it is really hard to image tentacles evolving and using tools and making spaceships.

Then I said.

I loved Arrival, but I was like, really, tentacles again?

Then he said.

It's the most alien thing we know on the planet that is controlled by an intelligent mind.

He continued.

Octopusses are pretty smart.

Then I said.

I am more of a squid guy.

And he said.

They all look the same to me. 

And I called him a racist.