Rocky Poetry Tour

Landed in Denver.
Slept in a gas station.
Dreamed of having a glass of Gruner.
with her. 

Read punk rock poetry.
Outside a brewery.
on the street
as the traffic got a little too close. 
and I got a little too drunk.
to finish. 

Met a girl.
called Comet.
Who likes to climb. 
She made me a bracelet. 
and ripped page 86 out of one of the books. 

Made my way to Boulder.
Went to a place I used to work. 
Emailed someone I used to know. 
Read passive poetry with ghosts. 
weed makes me paranoid. 
march the madness. 
may we be. 

My potassium is low. 
so I ate a banana. 
slipped on the peel. 
climbed Devil's Head
and peeled out to Colorado Springs. 

Recited to rich white people. 
traded books for drugs and booze. 
traded stories of girls with other girls. 
I have enough money. 
So I kept going.

My soul is bouncing. 
There is a Louisville in Colorado. 
I want to live there. 
and just be boring.