Just Saying

from poems to pictures
all published with purpose,
all containing pieces of me
with the intention of grabbing
your attention and keeping it. 

I ask myself the same question
every evening and every other afternoon:
how long do I keep this up?
and another stupid, silly question is
what do I expect from the outpouring?

once upon a time, I believed
that if you don't give up
it will all work out, no matter the walls,
and I am almost certain that isn't true
anymore, or if it ever was. 

so I will give it last ditch effort
and swing for the fences,
and still search for better metaphors
that will keep you reading
and hopefully wanting to reach. 

I was never perfect,
no, I was despicable,
but I am alive still
and I am just saying that,
unlike you, I tried.